Thursday, August 06, 2009

It's In My Blood

Ever since I was a little girl I have loved to dance. I took tap and ballet for a few years and even did a tap solo to the song "Birth of the Blues" complete with cartwheels and kicks. Yes, I was the shiz (only in my mind and my parents). (Thank you Jesus I don't have to don a tutu for swing dancing.)

Dancing is in my blood... on my dad's side of the family every family wedding and many of the larger family reunions included a band or dj getting us all out on the dance floor... jive, two step, polka, whatev... My parents went out dancing when I was a kid...and they grew up going to "dances" as teenagers... I loved dancing with my father and uncles and cousins and still do. I hope someday to have a wedding like the ones I grew up with... One big celebration with LOTS of dancing.

Between college and "life" there had been several years where there wasn't as much dancing in my life, besides going out with my cousin when I visited home, for no other reason than it didn't come up. Lately, though, my love for dancing has returned and I'm finding tons of opportunities between the swing dancing community (I've been going a couple times a week), line dancing, and the promise of heading somewhere local to "just dance" (just have to find the "right" place.

I'm having a blast. I'm thankful to be at a place in my life where I can enjoy this... and thinking back to where I was at in life last year realizing I could have missed this... and so it's another reason to be thankful for God's timing.


ctf said...

haha and I forgot to mention the dances growing up... we had school dances in 4th grade... crazy... and then as a teenager going to Sha-booms for "teen nights". Weeee.

Melody Strayer said...

Some days you gotta dance! :)

Karen and Evan Parrish said...

I used to dance around my bedroom. It may have been the only place I was actually comfortable dancing. :) That and at prom. That was cool. I'm glad you have found an outlet to shake your booty. :) We are trying to encourage Evan to shake his 'bum-bum.' Enjoy!