Saturday, February 12, 2011

Eyes Open/Eyes Shut

I'm sitting in the wifi hot spot here at Sandy Cove while the couples are in their session. I'm helping with worship at a Couple's retreat. I love it because I get the perfect mix of being involved in the worship services and having my own free time. Plus I'm here with Aaron and Sherri and get to spend some time with Stephen and Beth, too.

I got up early enough this morning to catch a picture of the view from my room of "the cove" out here... a beautiful icy sunrise. Right now I'm sitting in front of a wall of windows and looking out on the dock, and can see the line where the ice turns into open water. Just gorgeous. I was thinking about how I'm glad my eyes were open early enough today to catch the sunrise ... and that they are open now; even as I'm typing not even looking at my computer screen.

I love being on worship teams. I have a passion for music and singing. I believe that God is worthy of every ounce of glory, honor and praise we can give and when we raise our voices together I think He finds pleasure in it. When I'm singing, I close my eyes. When I worship, I see better with my eyes shut. I'm just sitting here thinking about what it means to see... the beautiful scenery is appealing to the eyes, but I think it takes more than just eyes to appreciate it. I know that although I can't literally see God when I sing to Him, by closing my eyes and focusing my heart I somehow CAN see Him better.