Sunday, September 16, 2012

The Art of Saying No

Who knows how many times I've blogged on this subject, but here I go again.

I'm constantly learning the art of "No".  It's a work in progress.

I had someone ask me to bake something for a church event last week, and was so pleasantly surprised when she THANKED me for saying no.   That really was helpful to hear.   I really didn't have time and am not even living at home right now, so it would have been really tough to pull off.

This weekend was scheduled full with so many fun things from concerts to day trips to parties.   But with dog sitting and feeling a little under the weather;  I actually chose to guard my time.   For me this is growth... because in the past I would have just gone to as many things as I could until I crashed.

My choices allowed me to spend a little extra time here at the house dog sitting and giving ole Mr. Tumnus the attention he deserves.   I was able to get my long run in this morning (8.5 miles... woot, woot).  I got to go on a day trip with friends yesterday... but passed on the concert I was REALLY excited  about going to in favor of some ice cream and conversation and an early night in watching The Voice on Hulu.  (I wept openly while watching it).

So, I missed/am missing some dancing,  a game night, a concert, church services, a picnic and a birthday party... but I gained some sanity, some rest and hopefully some health as I keep trying to kick this cold.    Now, I'm going to do a little cleaning for the bro and sister in law so they don't come home to a house infested with hair balls... and try to make it an early night, with maybe a walk so that Mr. Tumnus can continue his quest to sniff or pee on every blade of grass and/or tree trunk in Lancaster City.

Welcome new week full of choices, God give me the grace to choose wisely.