Friday, June 08, 2012

How to Not Miss Out

Ever since I was little I have had the tendancy to worry about missing something.  If I was outside playing i wondered what conversation, snack or tv show were they enjoying inside?   Go to bed?  NO WAY!  Not if there is a cool babysitter over doing all the cool things that babysitters SURELY do when the kids go to bed.  Etc, etc.

I still struggle with this.  Since I am involved with a lot of different streams of people, there are often times when there are 3 or 4 events going on at a time that I would like to be a part of.  A party, dance, special service, outting, etc, etc.  Many times I will try to figure out how to map my routes, schedule my time and coordinate my wardrobe so that I can make as many things as possible in an effort not to miss anything.  The thing that I've found, though, is that by doing so... I often find myself having to leave mid conversation, just as the fun is started, and then arrive at the next place just as things are winding down, etc in essence... I make it everywhere, but miss out everywhere, too.

I'm trying to learn to be content and be present where I am.  Do I still have evenings that I go to more than one place?  Sure... but at some point tonight,  though I knew I could still make it out to a certain dance after the picnic I was at;  I decided not to watch the clock but to fully engage in the conversations and to finish the evening with the people I started it with.  I had a great time, got to know some friends better and was able to relax and enjoy the evening just being present.

I want to enjoy every moment, especially the one I'm already in.  By doing that, I won't miss anything, really...or if I do, it won't really matter will it?!

Friday, June 01, 2012

This morning when I went to pick up my packet for the Red Rose Run tomorrow ( a 5 mile race in my city) I ran into a man that I hadn't seen in a while.   We were making small talk and talking about running, etc. when he said, "Yeah, you used to be heavy, didn't you".  For some people that would not go over well, but it was encouraging to me.  :)   It's great to know that the change is noticeable.