Tuesday, November 10, 2009

My Blog is Pink

The girls in my small group got together this past weekend for a tea... tea and testimonies. It was a great day to enjoy each others company, great food... and girly things. I like being a woman. There was a time that I think I tried to downplay it because of my insecurities... not that I was a tom-boy or anything but I think because I felt unattractive I just didn't "go there" so I said I hated pink and girly things... but I really don't know that that was ever true... I guess we all went through the grunge phase... or many of us did... wearing flannels, and just being fairly blah... but I think this was deeper rooted for me.

So now my blog is pink and I like it...and I am happy with who I am.

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Karen and Evan Parrish said...

I have begun embracing my pink side as well. I still wear a lot of black (it's supposed to be 'slimming'), but I like pink. I have a pink snuggie. :)

Love you! Miss you! You look great!