Thursday, November 04, 2010

Lord Grant Me Balance

I have two different blog thoughts on the same topic... one that kept me up half the night last night and one that had me in tears today at my desk.

Today I posted a fun/cute little Muppets video on facebook ... because it's fun and cute and the song was in my head. Moments later I looked at pictures from Haiti and was weeping. I then felt like pulling down my cutesy little video post. I know, I know... but that's how I felt. I'm having a lot of trouble with the "rejoicing with those who rejoice and mourning with those who mourn" thing. I'm also having trouble quieting myself to know what God strategically wants me to do NOW. I think there is a real actual plan in motion for next Fall... but what now?

Then I saw these Lyrics:

Matthew West - My Own Little World (2010 Video & Lyrics)

Other thoughts... last night I was thinking about how I can be so drastic with my time investments. I'm either spread so thin I can't breathe or I am all in with either Dancing, Running, Church stuff, House of Prayer, Social stuff (often lunch/dinners out), Running, etc... but not balanced. I had backed out of time commitments at the House of Prayer to have some non-scheduled space in my life... but immediately filled it with tons of social stuff. The same with dancing and exercise... so I find myself in this place of constantly trying to evaluate what is important. Right now the pendulum has swung too far away from my time investment into physical activity and I KNOW that needs to be in my priorities... but When I put them in a list I think it should go:


But then I think... they are all wrapped up together... so now what.

Then I go back again to wanting to drop it all and pick up and go do something to help people who have real needs beyond too hectic of a social calendar.

Lord, give me balance.

Matthew West - My Own Little World (2010 Video & Lyrics)

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