Thursday, May 02, 2013

Veggies At OUR Office?

This week,  I determined to watch what I'm spending; specifically in the area of food.  Since I'm single and social I eat on the go a lot.  I do a lot of absent minded spending (and eating).   (Yes, I need to sit down and make a budget!)   I'm also going away next week and so it was the perfect time to concentrate on eating the things that I have on hand.  Most of the time, I'm trying to eat healthy... so daily dosages of peanut butter and fluff is probably not the best way to go either... or that teaspoon of nutella that I had before bed last night... but I digress.

Well, this may seem small... but at my office there was actually an extra VEGGIE tray and hummus available to round out lunches.  (there are often free goodies, ie the donuts that were here when I arrived today... but produce?? sweet! )  At Gateway House of Prayer there were free bananas and delicious apples available left over from the race this past weekend and pretzels to snack on from a meeting over the weekend.  SCORE.   Best yet, I've actually really enjoyed eating some of the typically ignored items in my cupboard.  I am well aware that my shelves would look like a supermarket to most people in the world.   Still,  this is a movement in the right direction for me and evidence of God hearing my prayers for help in this area of self discipline,  and I am thankful.  

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