Wednesday, June 15, 2005

in the doghouse

I just watched Dogville. GEESH. It was a well done movie, very atypical...which I loved...but if the character Grace was supposed to be GRACE...then yikes. It left me feeling pretty empty and crushed. I don't expect movies to always end on a high note, but this one sent me crashing and I was left mourning for everyone in the story. Life is not so bleak as some paint it. I'm so thankful.


moregreen said...

yes, I found that movie really hard to watch. Such a negative view of humanity.

the jaded giant said...

Lars Von Trier is one miserable bastard. I loved "Dancer in the Dark" though.

LizaJane said...

I never saw it and don't think I will!

FRITZ said...

While I was also dismayed by the dismal truth painted in 'Dogville', I did appreciate its method. I also found it to be a really good role for Kidman, who has the potential for 'true' acting (like this) and not just fluff.
I think it is important to note that Grace's character had endured so much agony, so much pain, and so much isolation. I think this isn't necessarily a story of 'grace' (the platonic version), but the HUMAN version. We are all born with grace. But if we are abused unabashedly, human survival will set in. We will want to survive. This is depicted with the fiery end displayed by Grace. This is an angry human cast aside like garbage.
I work with felons. Maybe I see this side of 'Grace' too much. All of these people were at one time innocent, gentle babes. Then, something started to eat away at that. A lot of them don't care anymore, because they are surviving. I don't think it means they are 'less' good; I think they are human, and just tired of abuse.