Friday, June 17, 2005

Mozzerella Balls and Marguerita's

Tonight I learned what I had already gathered...that my new roommate is very hospitable. I went to her house for "Bunko" game night. It was fun and she was an incredible hostess with a delicious variety of food and drinks, and a comfortable and fun atmosphere. I love to have people over and I think I am going to learn a thing or two about entertaining from her. : )

I'm thrilled to have a free weekend ahead. I plan to get some packing done in addition to some down time. I have Kill Bill 1 and Fraggle Rock in from Netflix and Kill Bill 2 on the way. (I remember Colin saying the 2nd one is the better of the two). I'm looking forward to a busy week next week complete with a trip to Philly and then the trek to Creation. YAY!!!


the jaded giant said...

kill bill 1 is mostly fight scenes, whereas vol. 2 has all the story.

CTF said...

Now that I've seen them both, I hear what you're saying.