Tuesday, February 16, 2010

A Blank Canvas

What a difference it makes to look at life and see the possibilities rather than the missed ones. Each day is a blank canvas for God to write on. Each breath is another gift. There is so much more to life than we are living. There is so much more to see than we open our eyes to and to hear than we listen for.

Lately God has been reminding me how available I am and asking me what I am willing to do with that fact. When the sky is the limit... it's a really exciting place to be... scary too; but I'm willing to jump off the cliff if I know He is there to catch me.

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nanajobx said...

i think i am seeing that very clearly right now with the stuff gwenn has being doing in haiti.none of them knew anything about running an airport but they said "yes" to God and he used their availabilty in a huge way. He's cool that way. jump girl. he's got you.