Friday, January 21, 2011

Fire in the Neighborhood

There was a major fire in the arts district at local landmark and vintage store, Zap and Co last night. The store is just 2 blocks from my house and was such a treasure. I'm concerned for Rachel's Creperie that neighbored Zap and Co... hopefully they can recover quickly from any smoke and water damage. And, of course, I'm thinking of those in homes and apartments that were affected.

It definitely was too close for comfort, for sure. I walked down twice last night to see and it was surreal to see my neighborhood looking like that. I took a couple of pictures with my phone... I'm thankful for the people who were out there serving the community on the fire, rescue, police and other logistical crew.

Life is short... what a reminder. Yesterday I was thinking about how time flies ... this brings it to an even more serious perspective.

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Tropa Pitangui said...

O tempo realmente passa muito rápido e acredito que temos que aproveitar no máximo enquanto estamos vivos, porque um simples incêndio pode nos levar daqui.

Time really passes very quickly and I believe we must take up while we are alive, because a single fire can lead us from here.