Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Noticing the Beautiful Bank Teller

There is a certain teller at our bank that greets me with an enthusiastic hello and smile each and every time I come in.  Each and every time.  She listens to WJTL (the radio station that I work at)  and was more than excited when we moved to the area and started coming in to her branch.   I often leave the bank feeling joyfully overwhelmed by her friendliness and sincerity as she asks questions and mentions favorite songs.

Today when I walked into the bank I was being taken care of at another window,  but heard a familiar friendly voice nearby.  There was my friendly teller with a big smile, a brightly colored scarf around her neck and a head topped with beautiful glowing baldness.  How had I missed it.  She had been gone several weeks as she was treated for chemotherapy.  Before I had the chance to say hello first, she asked me about Lisa Landis,  one of my co-workers who has struggled with her own health battle this summer.    I updated her on Lisa and she then shared how the timing coincided with her own journey with Cancer. 

I had to wonder how many times she had served me in the Spring with her friendly smile while dealing with her battle on the inside?  How many weeks was she fighting back tears while I possibly not so patiently waited for her to handle my deposits and banking needs?  As I left the bank,  I teared up a little as I was reminded that we are all fighting our own battles on the inside.   I know there are days that I struggle with my own things that make it a little tougher to smile and be friendly.  Sometimes you want someone to ask and sometimes you just need someone to smile back.

It was another good reminder to love my neighbor, extend extra grace, and give the benefit of the doubt.   I want to walk around with my eyes open and notice when someone needs a little extra.   Those are the moments when God is able to move through us ... when we notice the beautiful bank teller, the clerk at the grocery store, or the tired person walking past on the street.

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