Friday, May 06, 2005


I didn't realize until half way through the day that the date was pretty interesting and that it is/was Cinco de Mayo. What the...

Well, I learned a pretty big lesson tonight. LOOK FOR THE DAMN WEDDING RING!!! (to be honest, I still haven't noticed it. I think his hand might have been in his pocket or something but I didn't see one). The Nice boy that bought me a drink last week was at my brothers concert again. He was once again super friendly and attentive. The minute he got there he sat by me, was talking to me, followed me to the bar, etc. Good, fun, sweet conversation...then, I asked him about if he had roommates, and he says "just my wife". (insert sinister music here). I feel like an ass.

On another note. Once again, my brothers band was fantastic. I will go out to see them again. I'll even chat with my newfound, married friend. Bring your wife out once in a while, for goodness sake. Where the heck is she?

BONUS...I got to chat with my friend Jenny. We are going to try to make a point to get together. I've been wanting that to happen for awhile. This time, we actually exchanged phone numbers.

I can't believe it's 2 am. This month has been surreal. What the heck is going on?


the jaded giant said...

I've never been good at the spot-the-ring thing.

CTF said...

Me neither. Just the idea of it seems cheezy for some reason. Ew. Who wants to be caught leaning over looking at the left hand.