Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Ch Ch Ch Ch Changes (Turn and Face the Strain)

Tooo Muccchh caffffeeeiine.

Hm, I wonder when U2 will announce who they are touring with in the fall. Oh the crucial questions that plague my mind. I keep obsessively checking their website.

I've been a bit of an emotional basketcase today. Not outwardly...all inside. Conflicting thoughts of..."hey, give ME attention", but then..."I hope everyone just leaves me alone" went through my head all day at work. I am thankful that I had it together enough not to blurt out some of the things I was thinking. As it is, I hear myself sighing out loud far too often...not out of disatisfaction, really...I think I just get overwhelmed with all my weird thoughts or something. There's gotta be a way to hold that sighing in...although that would probably involve holding in harmful oxides of some sort...or something...but sometimes others hear me sigh and I then feel guilty. Self inflicted guilt, of course. (weird guilt and anxiety runs in my family) I'm such a weirdo.

Tomorrow is Wednesday, already...and June...JUNE. WHOA. I have a lot to make sense of the next couple of months. I hope my little disorganized mind can get it's act together. What I really need to do is make time for quiet time...this morning I had set my alarm a little early to get up and go walking. Walking is usually a wonderful opportunity for me to do this...unfortunately, when my alarm went off I was all confused and forgot why on earth it could possibly be going off...and turned it off. I think I'll do a take 2 tomorrow. I loved my evening walks in college. My favorite music to walk to was a tape with the 77's Sticks and Stones on one side and Dream Academy on the other... "indian...indian summer..." I need to find that tape. I'm sure I have it somewhere.


the jaded giant said...

sticks and stones is a great album!

sabbeth said...

Never heard it....