Monday, May 23, 2005

Trying Not to Obsess

I'm panicked. The potential landlord called today to check on our decision. They REALLY want my roommate and I as tenants, but they do have other people looking. I called my roomie today and she is still unsure...supposed to call me tonight. She has called on a couple of other places with no return call. I'm afraid to put this one on hold. I am so afraid of losing this place. I am quite sure that there is not a place that will be as nice as this one. I need to relax. I'm trying to be a little more assertive about this, which is not in my nature. My first response was, "ok, whatever, I'm open to looking"...but I confessed to her today that I really really like this place...enough to take the smaller bedroom (which is really not that small...he reminded me today that they do have a lot of furniture crammed in there which could make it look smaller than it really is. But, really...the place has a dining room AND living room. There is tons of space to spread out. PLUS the laundry room. Ay Yi Yi. (i don't know how to really spell that).

Transition is scary.

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moregreen said...

oooh, that's stressful. I hope she decides to do it... let us know what happens!