Thursday, October 16, 2008

A luncheon, a dream (or two), a cutie and a thought

This morning I had a fun change of routine... I "catered" a business luncheon at our office... (see picture)... I did not cook a thing... Giant and Costco take the credit, but I felt like it went well and it was fun. I brought some fall-ish items from home to decorate so it wasn't all plastic table cloths and chips in a bag and what not... not the typical ghetto lunch that I throw for the staff here at the office. :)

I have been dreaming a lot lately. The other night I dreamt about my recent ex and that was annoying. Last night I dreamt about going back to college and most of my friends were there. I attribute it to the recent re-connection with so many people from the forge on facebook. One very interesting/funny thing I remember was my friends Lauren and Paul walking around campus with glasses of wine (it was a Bible College so that wouldn't have flown)... then I had a glass that I broke and for some reason was walking around my dorm with a size-able shard of it in my mouth... and yes I cut the inside of my throat with it. What the?

Last night I babysat for Evie Grace. She is a-freakin-dorable. I love her. For real. Memorable moment from last night...I am attempting to change her diaper... of which I need much practice... and am having a bit of trouble maneuvering. During this time... Evie is being so good, but starting to get slightly irritated at my lack of skill or agility. She begins to say (and sign) "patience" "patience" repeatedly. Needless to say I hugged her and gave her whatever she wanted after that... :) The second diaper change went much better... I think.

One more thing... I had this thought. Yes really. I was thinking that perhaps my disappointment about how things were handled with this recent break up is almost hypocritical to a certain extent. You see, just like I felt like "he" went from hot to cold with me without warning... I think about how I lavish my love on the Lord... will sing of my love for him and of dancing with him, resting in his arms... you know... intimacy... and then ignore Him for days...or act like it never happened. Though it's different, it did strike me. I want to be a true and consistent lover of God... just as I hope to someday have that from a lover in this life... and am thankful that He (God) is always consistent and true and passionate and kind to me.

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Melody Strayer said...

Beautiful job on the business luncheon! I love those little roll-up guys from Costco!

And beautiful job on the dipe, too. You're a corker, Stoosh to the Oosh!