Monday, April 04, 2005

Classy Move

Friday night I was out with a couple of couples. I had a really good time. We were at a little place called Cherry's in an alley off Duke St in Lancaster. It's pretty nice. I wouldn't have even known that it was there. (and I just noticed I actually have a coupon for a couple of meals there, score for next time). I really appreciated that one of the men bought me a couple of drinks. As a single woman in my 30's it is a real treat to have someone be that thoughtful. Most of my married friends do a really good job of keeping me from feeling like a third wheel...or fifth wheel, etc. Heck, my single guy friends are great, too. I am not so "just one of the guys" as I used to be. Now I think I'm actually one of the "justs" involved. It also helps when you aren't "crushinn on" any of the guys in your circles of friends. Admittedly, that hasn't always been the case for me.

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