Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Under the Blossom Tree

I don't normally take breaks at work, but today I took a sanity break went for a short walk around our office complex. At the end of the walk, I sat for a few moments on the bench in the little cove between buildings. I layed back and looked up at the blossoms on the tree with the bright blue sky behind them and cried.

I saw the Pizza Guy movie...FINALLY. It made me laugh, which I needed. I'm going to work on getting everyone I know to see it...starting with my friends at work. Pizza comes first, comes first. : )


Ed said...

I think finding a place all alonbe and crying is the best thing to do sometimes. It's very underrated.

What is this Pizza Movie you speak of?

the jaded giant said...

that shouild explain it.

LizaJane said...

Thanks for the support!
I'm glad you liked it CTF!