Friday, March 25, 2005

Good Good Friday

So far, today had been an exquisite day. A lot of times on days off I end up just laying around, but today I got out, walked around downtown, went to Square One to write some letters and warm up with some coffee, met a friend for lunch and ran some errands. Tonight there is an exibition of art, fashion and indie music that I am excited about going to downtown. I also, might make a few stops around with a couple of friends. Yay for not laying around.

I must be honest, today may have passed without any reflection if I hadn't visitied my friend ''xaviernougat"s blog. Thanks for your openness, my friend. You have benefited me today.

It's Good Friday. I remember growing up at The First Congregational Church (before going to an A.G. church) and attending an eccumenical stations of the cross walk. The various pastors took turns walking carrying the cross. It moved me then in a different way than it would now. Then, as a child, I just thought about how heavy the cross was to carry. I thought about how sad Mary was to see Jesus have to walk so far carrying the cross. Of course, I now realize that he was carrying so much more than the wooden beam and in pain far more deep than any of the lashes to His body.

On Easter Sunday it seemed like it was always sunny. I remember being excited about getting to carry a flower up and putting it in the wire cross on the pulpit. I remember Clem Allinder, an amazing, strong, warm pillar of a woman smiling at us and helping us decorate the cross. Man, I miss that lady. I remember egg hunts with my cousins at Meme and Pepe Gagne's house with my pastel basket and Easter dress with tights inevitably falling down at some point and being a real nuisance. I remember feeling warm and loved and knowing that Jesus died and came back to life. Now, I know that not only is He alive, I am alive in a way that would never have been possible. I have hope that is miraculous. I've got to be be an example of hope to others more often.

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