Thursday, March 10, 2005

Look at Me, Look at Me

In grade school, I always wanted to be the one to read the paragraph out loud. I wanted everyone to see what a great reader I was and use extra inflection to seem dramatic. (not too easy with social studies)

In high school, I would drive home the long way past this one guys house. Did I want him to come outside and flag me down? I don't know...I think just driving by was thrilling for some reason.

In college I used to walk past the guys dorms hoping someone would come out and invite me to do something cool. I would walk by several times in a row...I probably looked like a stalker.

In church, sometimes I catch myself singing a little louder in hopes that someone will hear me and compliment me on my voice.

And now, with blogging, I want people to read my stories, to acknowledge me and my thoughts and even show interest. It's almost like opening your window up for the "peeping tom" or something, isn't it?


Julie Anne Fidler said...

I'm not surprised.
I knew you were a freak. :-)

Anonymous said...

when are you going to add to your blog....look forward to reading more

sabbeth said...

How candidly honest of you.