Friday, March 11, 2005

A Night With His Better Half

Tonight was the first time I was in a casual situation with my ex boyfriends new wife without him there. I was going to a party and hadn't even considered it as a possibility until I pulled up to the curb in front of the house and saw her car. Duh, I met this friend through him...why hadn't I thought of this?

I'll admit, I had fleeting thoughts of driving on by and not going in, but I've been getting less awkward with it all, so I didn't.

I'm glad I didn't. After some avoidance tactics, as the night wore on and the Pampered Chef lady finished her spiel (I didn't like the presenter lady, she made fun of me) I think we both dropped our guard. By the end of the evening we had chatted a little and even laughed a little about some of "his" quirks. She's actually a pretty nice person. She has a really sweet daughter. She's not someone I would pick out of a crowd and think, we're going to become buddies. I dont' see us getting together for coffee or anything, but it's nice to know that I can have a conversation with her without averting my eyes or feeling like a total piece of shit because of having been dumped for her. In fact, looking back at it all, if I could erase my relationship with her husband, I would. I wish he would have met/reconnected with her right away when he came to town and to work at our office. Our relationship was a glorified buddy kind of situation that dragged on for a year and a half. I would have been excited for them if I had never been in the picture. I guess it's all part of the life experience.

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sabbeth said...

What a positive outlook!