Monday, March 28, 2005

Wireless Relationship

I had a conversation with a friend of mine about blogging the other day. He doesn't quite get it, which is understandable. Not everything is for everyone. I've been thinking about it a lot. Perhaps that's why it's been a couple of days since I've blogged. I realize that there probably should be a certain degree of guardedness. Although, I'm not guarded ever, so I guess why start here, eh? I am pretty consistent about putting it all out there in general... except perhaps to boys that I think are swelll, then I hold my cards a little closer...or I just become their buddy because that's safer.

I've been doing the whole "My Space" thing and started to get requests for friends. Some, I know right off the bat I couldn't accept because all their current friends are scantily clad chics and the guys description was lacking in any substance...danger danger danger... But then, what about the genuine requests from nice strangers to be friends? This was one of the things that my aforementioned friend and I were talking about. How blogging and these kind of places could become dangerous for folks who might read into the attention they get from strangers who respond to their blog or profile. Then again, you can read into attention from a person who smiles at you on the street, responds to an email, stars in a movie you like, etc.

Hm. Things are so different these days, aren't they. My parents tell me stories of their days going to the local jukebox joint, picking out a partner across the room and dancing with them. Now, you could know about all of a persons likes/dislikes/dreams and fears without even meeting them. Which is better? I can see pros and cons for each.

To me, these electronic outlets are mostly opportunities for creative expression, forums to share my thoughts and my day with friends who I may not see very often, and yes perhaps in hopes of chance meetings with new friends...platonic or not. I've already made one new friend this way.


xaviernougat said...

oh finally, i have been waiting for 2 days to comment and dumb A** blogger (I guess we can't use swears on this blog?) was being really troublesome.

i think blogging and electronic community can be a double edged sword, just like anything. you take the good, you take the bad, you take them both and there you have...

but i am sure your mom and dad did not just dance with any old creep or floosie when they went out and I think even when you only see people through their writing, the crazies tend to flesh themselves out quickly enough. i think blogging could have revolutionized communication, bringing people together to then do things in real life (since we all seem to be so closed off with our tv's and internets), but it is turning out to be a little of both good and bad.

CTF said...

"i think blogging could have revolutionized communication, bringing people together to then do things in real life"

Good Point. That has proven true in my life.

august west said...

i think the questions we have to ask ourselves are:
1. what is the nature of relationship?
2. What is the nature of intimacy?
3. where does commitment fit in in the "e" community?
4. can you have relationship & intimacy w/o commitment?

CTF said...

One thing for me...most of my blogging and relationships online thus far has/have been mostly limited to friendships and relationships that were already formed. (except for people who happened upon my site). I am just now at the point where I am involved in more public forums like here on blogger or at my space.

I think there is opportunity for deeper intimacy in the "e" community because of how easy it is to put thoughts and feelings into words. (at least for me). That can be good and bad of course...I dont want to be intimate with just anybody.

Thanks for the questions...I am going to continue to think on them.